Renewed Tab

A customisable New Tab page, with widgets and beautiful backgrounds

Drag and Drop Widgets

Drag and Drop Widgets

The core of Renewed Tab is the widget system. You can add, move, resize, and configure widgets on a grid using intuitive controls.

You can place the same type of widget multiple times, with different settings.

Rich Widgets

Rich Widgets

Some widgets are Internet connected. For example, you can browse an RSS/Atom feed, see upcoming space launches, and check the weather.

List of widgets

Beautiful Backgrounds

Beautiful Backgrounds

See a random curated background every 15 minutes.

You can also choose a solid color, an Unsplash collection, an RSS/Atom feed, or a custom background image.

You can hide the widgets by hovering over the credits, and also like and skip images.



Each widget has settings for behaviour and theming.

There are also global settings, allowing you to customise the theme, change language, or choose a background.

And more...

Free and Open Source

Anyone can read the code, modify it, and contribute to development.

Written using TypeScript and React.

GitLab GitHub (mirror)


Renewed Tab supports English, Français, Español, Deutsch, Italiano, Русский, 汉语, Português, Bahasa Melayu, and Türkçe.

Translations are community-maintained, allowing you to add support for your language.

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Privacy Oriented

We require only minimal permissions; other permissions are optional and only requested when needed. All your data is stored in your browser, not on our servers.

Privacy Policy


  • RSS and Atom feeds: can be used to see the news or follow a website.
  • Weather
  • To do list: track things you need to do.
  • Quick Links: show links, with optional icons and subheadings.
  • Top Sites: shows your most frequent websites.
  • Daily Goals: enter a daily goal.
  • Bookmarks: shows bookmarks from the bookmark toolbar.
  • Greeting: be greeted based on the time of day.
  • Quotes: shows a random quote, with categories.
  • Clock: show the current time, choose between 12 and 24 hours.
  • Notes: jot down notes in a freeform text area.
  • Age: shows your current age with way too much precision.
  • Search: a search bar, with support for changing the search engine.
  • Web Comics: show the most recent panel from a web comic.
  • Year Progress: shows the progress through the year as a progress bar.
  • Currencies: shows exchange rates, supporting forex currencies and crypto.
  • Upcoming Space Flights
  • and more: buttons, images, HTML, and iframes.
A variety of widgets: The news, weather, and more
A variety of widgets: The news, weather, and more
Icon links: Quick links or bookmarks
Icon links: Quick links or bookmarks
Top sites / icon links
Top sites / icon links
Focus: just a clock and a searchbar
Focus: just a clock and a searchbar


Even though it is fairly new, Renewed Tab has a polished interface, and is more customizable than Tabliss and Mue. In fact, it is the only extension (of its kind) in the list that allows you to reposition your widgets.
gHacks Tech News
Amazing add-on! It has a clean looking aesthetic to the UI and widgets within the page. I have full control over the widgets that exist on the page. (Can remove everything individually to create a blank page).
Incredible, it's pretty and the backgrounds are beautiful, it lets me have rss feeds, the weather in my area (with OSM), obviously a search bar and bookmarks.
Can202 (Spanish)
Amazing. All these months I was searching for a dashboard-like extension that could take widgets, notes etc and be beautifully designed like "Momentum". And here it is, ready and open-source too. Thank you!!
Easy to use, has a whole bunch of useful, customizable widgets, and a few great ways to customize the background. For example, have you ever searched for an Art Deco theme on the Chrome Web Store and found a whole bunch of nothing? Renewed Tab+Unsplash is your friend now.
Doğucan Gelbal
Amazing. This one is easy to customize, beautiful, and more importantly (personally) lightweight. And this is open-source too, I give this 5 thumbs up.
Ooflamp a.k.a weepwoop
The only extension for newtab tab that comes close to iChrome. Keep up the good work!
Firefox user

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