How to translate Renewed Tab into your language

Renewed Tab supports localisation, allowing users to use it in their own language. The community can help by providing translations for Renewed Tab using Weblate.

Import feeds from Feedly using OPML

This article will explain how to import your feeds from Feedly or another newsfeed aggregator into Renewed Tab.

Renewed Tab 1.17 released!

Includes OPML feed importing, setting icons, and Chrome Manifest v3 support.

Renewed Tab 1.16 released!

Includes a time zone setting for clocks, work towards a calendar widget, and a few small improvements

How to Create Custom Widgets for Renewed Tab

Renewed Tab allows you to create custom widgets with your own UI and code, isolated from the rest of the extension to improve user privacy.

Add Atom/RSS feeds to your New Tab page using Renewed Tab

This article will tell you how you can add an Atom, RSS, or JSON feed to your Firefox / Chrome New Tab page using Renewed Tab.

Why I created Renewed Tab

I created Renewed Tab last year to fulfil my personal needs, and have since expanded on it based on user feedback, focusing on rich widgets, a clean user experience, and customisation. In this article, I will explain what exactly led me to create a New Tab extension and what the design requirements were.

Renewed Tab 1.15 released!

Includes a bookmarks bar for Chrome, a redesigned edit mode UI, and an experimental mode to allow placing widgets anywhere on the page.