Renewed Tab 1.15 released!

Renewed Tab 1.15 released!

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We have released Renewed Tab 1.15 today! Includes a bookmarks bar for Chrome, a redesigned edit mode UI, and an experimental mode to allow placing widgets anywhere on the page.

Chrome Bookmarks Bar

Chrome’s default New Tab page allows you to show the bookmarks bar only when the New Tab page is open. Unfortunately, this uses an internal API that we’re unable to access.

To work around this issue, Renewed Tab now has its own bookmarks bar that is shown only on the New Tab page. It’s enabled by default, and you can also find the setting at Settings > General > Bookmarks Bar.

Edit Mode Redesign

Previously, Renewed Tab used semi-transparent icons for the edit toolbar at the bottom right of the screen. This resulted in a lowered usability, as users may miss the icons.

The bottom right edit toolbar has been redesigned into a bottom bar, containing buttons with labels. This should make it more intuitive and harder to miss.

Full Page Mode

Renewed Tab now has an experimental new widget grid setting: Full Page Mode. Rather than centering widgets on the page, this mode allows you to place widgets on the entire page.

It’s currently marked as experimental, which means that you may encounter bugs whilst using it. It’s also harder to use than the default mode, as the widget moving/resizing system isn’t designed for this.

You can try out Full Page Mode by turning it on at Settings > Widget Grid > Full Page Mode. Make sure to increase the number of columns to what is suggests.

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