Privacy Policy

Last updated: 2021-06-26.

What information is collected and how is it used?

Your client will contact this server in order to retrieve information in order to perform its function. Any HTTP requests to this server are logged, with the following information:

Logged HTTP requests may be used for debugging, or for very anonymous statistics (such as view counters).

Background image ratings are stored anonymously on the server, and used to refine background choices. Whether or not you’ve rated a particular background is stored against IP address, to avoid duplicate ratings.

In order to look up latitude and longitude, the weather widget will send location queries to the API server. The API server will then use OpenStreetMap to look up this information, but does so in a way only the location query is sent - user IP addresses aren’t shared. The weather widget will then request weather by latitude and longitude; the API server will use OpenWeatherMap. Location queries and weather look ups will be logged as above, as this is done for all HTTP requests.

Settings, including widgets, are stored in your browser. They are not sent online unless needed to provide functionality, such as fetching weather information. Custom background images you “upload” never leave your computer, they are stored locally.

All communications with our server is done using strong encryption.

Third-party Services

Your computer may directly contact third-party services as part of this service.

Background images will load directly from Unsplash or from the URL you specify. See Unsplash’s Privacy Policy.

Widgets such as the Feed widget may fetch information directly from the specified URL.

We do not share information with third-party services except where necessary to perform the extension’s function, such as looking up locations and getting weather information.

Error tracking is done using You will be given an anonymous unique identifier to track your current session, and your IP address will be used to track you as a user. When an error occurs, the app will automatically report the error traceback along with recent actions leading up to the crash. Any personal information is automatically stripped out. See Sentry’s privacy policy.


The production server is currently in Germany. By using this service, you give permission for the data to be moved as needed.

Period of Retention

The server uses log rotation, meaning that any logged HTTP requests will be forgotten about within a week.

Future Changes to Privacy Policy

Changes to the privacy policy will be alerted on this website.

By continuing to use this service, you agree to the privacy policy.

Removal Requests and Queries

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