How to translate Renewed Tab into your language

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Renewed Tab supports localization, allowing users to use it in their own language. This is super important for accessibility and allows Renewed Tab to reach a wider audience.

Renewed Tab is an open source project by a solo developer who unfortunately can only speak English. The community can help by providing translations for Renewed Tab using Weblate.

Start translating on Weblate Translation status


You first need to create an account.

Note that the email you use will be public in order to attribute you.

Registering an account is preferred, but you can still anonymously suggest translations without one. To do that, just move to the next step.

2. Select your language

Go to the Renewed Tab project > Languages and then select your language.

If your language is not present, you’ll need to create it (this requires an account).

3. Translate

Now you’ve selected your language, you can start translating. There’s two things you can translate:

Click one of these, and then click the big black “Translate” button to start.

You’ll see a page with the English string and then a text box to put the translated string. A string is just a piece of text. Once you’re done, click save and continue to continue to the next string.

Click the Translate button
Click the Translate button
You can now enter translations
You can now enter translations

The black box is a comment describing where the text is found. For example, a form field label is the big text above a field, and a form field hint is grey text below a field.

Form field label and hint
Form field label and hint

Some strings will contain variables or formatting tags that you’ll need to keep as-is. Variables are wrapped in curly brackets like {age}, you should not translate the variable name (age) into your language. Formatting tags have triangle brackets like <b>.

<code>{age}</code> is a variable that will be replaced at run time. <code>&lt;b&gt;</code> is a tag that formats the text inside it.
{age} is a variable that will be replaced at run time. <b> is a tag that formats the text inside it.


Thanks for helping make Renewed Tab accessible to more people!

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